Segway Ninebot S Plus (miniPLUS) White

Utilising Segway's 'lean to move' technology, the S Plus is the most luxurious of the S series. It can be controlled by a remote, can follow you automatically, carry your groceries, and even take photos.

  • 20 km/h Top Speed

  • 30 km Max Range (Actual Range Varies)

  • 11" Air-Filled Tyres

  • 15% Hill Climb

  • Remote Control

  • Auto-follow Technology

  • Camera Accessory (sold separately)

  • IP54 Splash Proof

  • Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Segway Ninebot S-PLUS

Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Aviation Grade Magnesium Alloy Base

The Segway S-PLUS is constructed from super lightweight magnesium alloy, which can support a max weight of up to 100 kg.

11 Inch Air-Filled Tires

The 11-Inch air-filled tires are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Multi-Functional Remote Control

The key to the most advanced technologies.

Multifunctional Remote Control with Intelligent Chip

Not only can you control the Segway S-PLUS with the handle, but you can also use the joystick on the multi-functional remote.

Let the Segway S-PLUS Carry Your Stuff

The Segway S-PLUS is designed to keep its balance while carrying your stuff.

Remote Control

Your Segway S-PLUS can follow you independently.

Follow Mode

When you're not riding and need to have your hands free use your remote control, turn on Follow Mode and have your Segway S-PLUS follow you.

Stable and Fast Speed Riding

The Segway S-PLUS runs fast and stable due to its powerful dual motor. It has a max speed of 20 km/h and a max cruising distance of up to 30 km after a single full charge. Ride your Segway S-PLUS to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Intelligent Battery Management System

This intelligent system can remind you of your battery pack conditions via your cellphone.

800W Rated Power Motor

The Segway S-PLUS powerful motor allows it to quickly accelerate and climb smoothly.

Long Battery Range

The 329Wh Li-ion battery supplies 1500W output energy, which provides the Segway S-PLUS a maximum range of 30 km, as well as IP54 high-level water resistance.

Storage Compartment

Keep your valuables safe.

Smart Safe Lighting System

Segway S-PLUS has a smart lighting system that can provide maximum safety for you.

Disclaimer: The laws regarding the use of electric scooters vary between states/territories. Public use isn't permitted in all states/territories and licensing/registration requirements may apply. Customers should review these laws before purchasing an electric scooter. Safety equipment (including helmets and protective gear) should always be worn when using electric scooters.

Unit 57.7 × 28 × 62 cm
Package 58.3 × 44. 7 × 33 cm
Max Payload 100 kg
Net 16.3 kg
Recommended Age 16+
Required Height 130 - 200 cm
Machine Parameters
Max. Speed 20 km/h
Max. Range 30 km (actual range varies)
Max. Slope 15%
Traversable Terrain Pavement, packed dirt, slopes < 15%, obstacles < 1 cm, gaps < 3 cm
Operating Temperature -10 - 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 - 50°C
IP Rating IP54
Charge Time 4 hours
Nominal Voltage 51 VDC
Max. Charging Voltage 58.8 VDC
Charging Temperature 0 - 40°C
Nominal Capacity 329 Wh
Continuous Discharge Power 1530 W
Battery Management System Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and over-heating protection. Auto-sleep and auto-wake.
Nominal Power 400×2 W
Max. Power 800×2 W