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Segway-Ninebot Upgrade Phone Holder


  • 4-sided claws design offers safe and secure fit for your devices

  • Fits devices ranging from 12 to 16.5 cm wide

  • User-friendly design for easy installation (no additional tools required)

  • Customizable mount adjusts 360° horizontally, and vertically.

Mobile phone holder for riding

Stable, reliable and easy installation

Applicable for kickscooters of all size

The clamping width adjustment range of the mobile phone holder is 58-90mm, which easily adapts to most mobile phones with 4-6.5 inch screens.

Knob lock structure 600,000 times stable operation

The knob locking structure adopts stainless steel fine tooth double-wire screw, which can shrink more tightly. After 600,000 vibration tests, it is ensured that the mobile phone can be firmly held by the product during fast riding. Clamping design at lower part avoids the mobile phone keys, charging ports and earphone ports, making it more easy to use.

The three-sided soft rubber pad offers anti-skid and anti-wear performance

There are three anti-skid soft rubber pads on the inner side of the holder to protect the mobile phone from scratches.

Easy to install and adapt to a variety of models

Hexagonal screws are used to easily install the handle buckle of the holder. The holder can be used on kickscooters, bicycles, electrical vehicles and other types of vehicles with handlebar diameters of 20-22.2 mm.

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