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Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES1LD

资源 10

Front Shock Absorption


One Step Folding


Built-In Front LED Lights


IPX4 Water-Resistant


20 km/h Top Speed


20 km Range


7% Hill Grade


100 kg Max. Payload

Seamless Design, Superior Craftsmanship

The Ninebot KickScooter ES1LD’s integrated body is manufactured with Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The fine-powder spraying process improves the anti-corrosion ability and makes the texture of the surface smoother to the touch.

A clash of classic black and vibrant orange, the most unique colour combination.

* Note: “Wireless” meaning the entire scooter design has no exposed wires.

The “Featherweight”
Scooter within the ES KickScooter Family

Extra Light, Extra Stability

The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body material weighs only one-third of steel, and its strength per unit density is 1.3 times that of steel. This gives it a portable weight of 11kg in the ES family and a payload of 100kg.

Ninebot Custom-Made Brushless Motor

500W Super Power at Your Disposal

Ninebot custom-made high-end brushless and Halless clicks, using pure copper coil material, have low internal resistance and low heat generation. This effectively reduces power consumption and extends vehicle life. The motor adopts a brand-new Hallless electronic control method similar to that of drones, which effectively solves the problem of damage when using the traditional hall effect motor and extends the motor life by 3,000 hours.

Ninebot Customized Premium lithium-ion

Long Battery Life, All the Way

The Ninebot customized high-quality lithium-ion battery pack has stronger shock resistance, flame retardancy, and is IPX6 water resistant. This makes the battery safer, and more reliable. In addition, one charge can take you up to 20 km.

2.5W Bright Anti-glare Headlights

Increased Visibility Up to 44 ft

The front LED headlight effectively increases visibility up to 44ft, even in conditions with *low visibility.

*Disclaimer: For safety purposes, please do not ride at night.

Front Shock Absorber

A Smooth Ride Through Bumpy Roads

The spring in the shock absorber is designed to cushion the rider from bumps and dips. This allows for a smooth ride over rough surfaces.

3 Different Riding Modes to Fit Your Style

Faster or Farther, Your choice

Safety Mode
Longer Range / Top Speed: 15 km/h / 20 km range

Standard Mode
Better Riding Experience / Top Speed: 20 km/h / A Good Balance of Speed and Range

Sports Mode
Full Speed Ahead / Quick Start, Full power, Smoothers Inclines

Flat-Proof Tyre with Brand New Inner-Support Hollow Tyres

Combines the Best of Both Solid and Pneumatic Tyres.

The new inner support technology, with special hollow processing technology, has higher resilience than ordinary solid tyres, and has the advantages of no puncture, maintenance-free, and high shock absorption. With the new integrated features we are taking your riding experience to the next level.

Two Braking Modes

Twice the braking power.

With front electronic, and rear foot brakes, the braking distance is 3 feet 3⅜ inches (4 meters). Rest assured, we have got you covered.

Double BMS Technology

Double Battery Protection

Every Ninebot electric Kickscooter has dual BMS technology protection at the hardware level and software level. In addition to the hardware-level BMS protection provided, it also has a software-level BMS battery management system that has provided safety protection for 300 million lithium-ion batteries. We are going above and beyond to ensure battery safety and extend battery life.

One-Click Folding Mechanism

Take it With you to Wherever and Whenever

You don’t need to look for a parking space like an ordinary vehicle, fold it with one foot, bring it around, and place it wherever you want.

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Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES1LD

  • Comfort and Design in One Device
  • High-Elastic Flat-Free Tyres

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