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Segway-Ninebot KickScooter E25

Triple brake system
Double-wheel design to avoid flat tyre
Safe driving all the way

ES Series Classic Inheritance

Integrated and metallic-feeling body

Inherit the attractive design of ES family: integrated bendable frame, fine particle sandblasting coating and outstanding texture; The main components are assembled into the stem, with almost no protruding parts or exposed wires in the simple style instant attraction at first sight.


25 km/h Max Speed


25 km Range


IPX4 Water-Resistant


15% Slope

New upgrade version of ES Series

Custom 700W Power

The customized high-performance motor provides Ninebot scooters the speed of 25km/h, which is the same as that in the national standard for electric bikes. With 15% slope dumbing capacity, the scooter can easily cope with the steep slope of the basement. Super performance allows you to derive freely.

High-quality 18650 Power Battery

Ninebot customized battery pack adopts complete encapsulating process, which has stronger shock resistance, flame retardancy and IPX7 water-proof capability. The battery is safer and more comfortable to use.

Smart-BMS Battery Management System

The Smart-BMS system, which is developed based on the safety management experience of 300 million lithium batteries and has undergone 7 years of technological iteration and upgrading, has enabled the lithium battery to have a longer service life, safer discharge and more accurate power display.

Colourful mood LED light on chassis

Colourful lights create good atmosphere

The chassis is designed with colourful mood lights, which offer 9 flashing effects and tens of thousands of colours to
choose from It can be freely switched through APP, just like a beautiful dynamic and fashionable scenery. The mood
lights also serve as reminders at night, making riding safer in darkness.

Full power, free driving Explore and enjoy the pleasure of riding

Every detail is a bonus for riding

Front white and yellow safety reflector for Improved visibility

Bright Tail Light
For additional safety a bright tail light has been added to increase visibility in poorly lit environments.

*please follow the safety instructions in the user manual.

Front shock absorption for reduced turbulence and enhanced riding stability

Intuitive digital dashboard, driving information is clear at a glance

Metal parking bracket

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